How Me Today ??

Gosh....this is it.

OMG>..what a posting......

The Bald Kenny

When i read the post its goes OMG ( oh my F^* God ) He just going bald for the Sarawak Children Cancer Society.That a big applause for him.He the next man of it.

Keeps your support continues to the Sarawak Children Cancer Patient.

As i read,the amount hits the target to Rm RM 65,325.01.

To see Kenny's Give Hope,Go Bald the aftermath here.

When Should I Start ?

Wonder morning started with an beautiful and meaningful phrase.
Phrase took out from a very simple wordpad from my office.

Beautiful aint ? So When Should I Start ? Thinking Deeply....

Happy New Year !

Yam Tuan Negeri Sembilan Passed Away.

Short Talk:

Read more of Tunku Jaafar,YamTuan Negeri Sembilan Here
I stop by at Lowyat.Net and found a very interesting thread to talk.Can Malaysia achive its 2020 goal ? View very interesting people with different mind Here.


Deepest condolence to the Kerabat Diraja Family of YamTuan Negeri Sembilan,Tunku Ja'afar Tunku Abdul Rahman peacefully passed away today at 11.45am at Tunku Jaafar Hospital (Seremban General Hospital).

Tunku is the 10th King Of The Royal Land Negeri Sembilan celebrates his birthday last saturday were bought to Royal Mausoleum for his last respect.
May his soul externally be in peace.

"I as an NS boy feel sorry for his family."